01 July 2011

What Would I Do?

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The past few weeks, God has really been placing on my heart a simple question: “What would you do, Carisa, if I asked you to take a huge step out in faith?”

Whether it might be traveling to another country as a missionary, reaching out to my friends in love, trusting Him with my music and ministry dreams, or just searching my own heart and truly opening it up to God’s grace, mercy and joy — this question has started me thinking about LoL my response to the question. Not what I’d like to say would be my reaction, but what actually would be my reaction.

And so of course this question has turned into a song that I just finished this week called (no surprise here…) “What Would I Do?” It’s an honest look at online gaming whether I would have the faith to follow God’s call or if I would hesitate, whether out of fear, doubt or pride.

This is a hard question, but an important one, and I hope this song gets you thinking about what your response would be. Stay tuned for the acoustic demo…should be arriving this weekend!

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– Carisa


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