23 April 2014

I’m Back in the Studio

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Have you heard? I’m back in the studio!!!

Thanks to the AMAZING support and love shown by so many of you through my Kickstarter campaign in February (THANK YOU!!!!!!!), I am in the process of recording a new EP that will be out this summer.


Being in the studio again has been incredible. We’ve recorded all the scratch tracks for the songs, which means we have a rough version of what each will sound like (different instrument parts, harmonies, rhythm and overall “feel” of the song).

This part has been so much fun, because it’s meant that I’ve gotten to hang out in the studio and be right in the middle of my “creative” zone – brainstorming ideas and coming up with cool instrument parts and basically casting vision for all the songs. (And they sound pretty amazing, if I do say so myself.)

The next step will be to bring in a couple outside musicians to track final instruments and then I’ll record final vocals and piano/ukulele tracks. Then, it’ll be time for mixing and mastering!

I love, love, love these songs and I know you will too. YAY!!!


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