20140724_185454Enjoy a concert from the comfort of your living room!

A twist on the traditional concert venue or coffeehouse show, house concerts offer a unique, intimate music experience in the comfort of someone’s home. Gather your friends, loved ones, neighbors or Bible study group together for a casual evening of music, storytelling, laughter and fellowship.

Here’s how it works:

What is a house concert?

A house concert is a private acoustic concert for about 20-30 people. Whether it’s an “evening-under-the-stars” show on your back porch, a casual living room show, or an intimate, candlelit concert…the possibilities are endless. These events are flexible and can also be used as a great social event for a women’s group, small group, young adult night out, or Bible study, etc. And contrary to their name, they don’t have to be in someone’s home! Concerts can take place in any space you’d like.

What does “hosting” a house concert mean?

Hosting a house concert means you provide the venue for the show (living room, backyard, basement, garage, coffee shop, etc. – you can get creative!) and are also in charge of inviting people to the event – usually this includes friends, family members, church members and/or coworkers.

Some hosts also provide light refreshments. This could be a pot of coffee and cookies or soda and chips or something more elaborate if you choose. Concerts run about 1 hour, plus additional time before and after for socializing.

Each event is different and planned to create a special, unforgettable experience for your guests!

Interested in hosting a house concert?

Send an email to with a couple potential dates and Carisa will contact you to start planning!